this is what we were up to this weekend…

j turned 6 in december…time to ride a bike with no training wheels…he rode his bike like he learned how to walk…he just did it and never looked back … 🙂



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Lots of Spots

Praise th Lord this is not a reference to getting chicken pox or any other sickness…it was our occupier for the afternoon to keep the peace.


Lois Ehlert is a children’s author who has wonderful illustrations in her books that can be remade by kiddos. We don’t craft often, I mean come on now I have 3 boys, but when we do the boys get into it!

The first step to the madness was for mum not to get overwhelmed with the mess and “perfectness” of the craft. After that was established it was smooth sailing. Z chose to make a lunar moth, j made a chameleon and k well,let’s be honest he made pancakes instead!

The real first step was to cut out body parts for each animal– super easy…second step crumple the paper up if it was “scaly” or needed texture…third step, for j and k, punch holes in body of animal then place different colors over the holes on the side that was to be glued down…last step to mum’s sanity, I mean the project was to construct the animal…again, this was easy for my smart kiddos.

And here are the finished products…
DSC07687 DSC07695

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Best beach trip

I love the ages that z,j and k all are now…it means vacations are really vacations for all of us…they pack their bags, they change their own clothes, z snorkels by himself, they play in the water by themselves…I get to sit back, relax and read a book?

The Mr.,on the other hand, was working the whole time!! Now that he is a scuba instructor, he was underwater for basically 2 days…this is only his second class, so I think he still enjoys it..who knows, maybe we’ll have to take vacations from vacations in the future!


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Joyful J


Six years ago, I was struggling with high blood pressure in my third trimester…six years ago j was suppose to be born on Christmas Day…six years ago we were swimming at Faith academy, when my dr. told me we could come have the baby that day if we wanted…six years ago, our family was blessed with j!!

J, a troublemaker for the first four months of his life(he had colic), has been all smiles and a typical middle child ever since. He is the mild mannered, the peacemaker, the joyful one, the sparkle, the mr.’s carbon copy…my saving grace!!

Happy 6th birthday my joyful j!!

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Good News, Great Joy!


The last day of school at Faith Academy, the entire elementary school does a Christmas pageant. Most of the rehearsals were at the start of school,which made for exhausting days leading up to the performance. Z was a bit wiggly in the rehearsals, making for a rather anxious mum.

The day of the program arrived and the students did an amazing job, including zeb! No stage fright for him, he was such a great performer and kept his hands to himself–whew! The program even captured j and k’s attention!

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Holding them a little tighter tonight

As I flipped on the t.v. tonight, I happened to land on c.n.n.’s live coverage (and very repetitive) of the elementary shootings in newtown, connecticut. 18 children and 6 adults massacred in this horrific shooting…

My heart aches for the parents who never knew that the interaction with their child that morning would be their last…my heart aches for those who don’t know the Lord and their hearts ache, but having no comfort of the amazing Christ…

My interactions with z, j and k need to be ones that I can say are filled with happiness, love and Christ love showered into their lives…not of disappointment, anger and frustration… As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I thank God for his love, the husband he blessed me with and the beautiful children he entrusted to me…

And pray thru this tragedy that more people will find Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!!

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Christmas Vacation

the mister has almost finished is obligations for school to be over and Christmas vacation to start…the good thing is that the last item for him to check off, is to complete the open water dives with his students. Major bonus for the fam, we get to spend time with daddy, fun students and snorkel!! Oh, did i forget to mention we live in the tropics? We’ll be soakin up the rays on a white sand..NOT SNOW..beach!! Daddy even said z might be able to see giant clams!! Bonus for j and k? They know how to snorkel now and last time we saw TONS of fish!! Downer for the mrs?? I’m currently suffering from a tropical cold a.k.a. too many late nights+k waking up and pounding on our door. Major major downer for the mrs…no diving with a cold!!!

plans for the rest of break?

*Spend time with friends who we haven’t spent time with due to “stuff” swallowing up time…
*make cookies
*read, read and read
*Plan the quarter for boys’ homeschooling

What are your plans for Christmas vacation?

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